Floorplan Video Walk-Thru tours for this Resource Residential community in Cincinnati, OH

Location: Dayton, OH
More Info: Visit Community Website

Completed Video Tour

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Video Tour Notes

1. Jan 10, 2013: Posted (2) floorplan walk-thru tours.

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Video Tour Review Guidelines

Clubhouse Tours is dedicated to producing the finest apartment video tours possible. To insure this goal, we offer our clients one complimentary review and re-edit session. Reasonable re-edit requests include correcting errors, changing an existing text-title or replacement of a video clip and/or photo image. Adding text-tiles, Photoshopping, or enhancing the the tour audio/visual tracks is not included in this free session. For changes of the latter-type, Clubhouse Tours will be pleased to offer you a timely quote, based upon our current editing rate.