Author: Marc Lamb, Producer – Clubhouse Tours

The New Apartment ‘Curb Appeal’

There’s a new generation out there, looking for a place to live. But this new generation of renters won’t be driving by for their first look at your community. They’ll be surfing by… on the web.

Unlike us older folks, this is a generation who allow their fingers to do the walking. But it’s not the local newspaper or the Yellow Pages these young renters first drop their fingers on… it’s their computer keyboards that get the first hit! And the vehicle of choice for taking them where they want to go requires no expensive stops at the gas station. And instead of names like Ford or Chevy, these apartment hunters drive search engines with names like Google and Yahoo!

Ok, so a new generation loves to shop on the web, so what? Perhaps a better question to ponder is, “What are they likely to find once they finally reach their destination?” Answer: A nicely-worded community description and a few photos and floorplan images to look at? Surely they’ll need more than that to get jazzed about your apartment community! Well, how about a few of those nifty “virtual” tours? Everybody’s got those, so they must be good. Yes, virtual tours are nice… if you don’t mind sizing up your new home by looking through a little peep-hole in the door!

Certainly there has to be a better way to meet these new renters on the internet and introduce them to your wonderful apartment community…


The Future is Here Today

It really came as no surprise when a recent Coremetrics internet marketing study “found a significant increase in product purchases after online shoppers viewed audio/video tours of products.” What is surprising is the sheer meteoric rise of web-based video.

Just one year after startup, purchased a popular online video-sharing company for a whopping $1.65 billion. “This is the next step in the evolution of the Internet,” Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said at the time.

Video, to say the least, is a very powerful means of communication and marketing. The rapid proliferation of web-based video merely underscores that fact. Yes, it sounds cliche, but it’s true… the future is here and it’s here right now! Can you and your real estate investment afford to be caught waiting?

“Internet activity accounted for nearly 51 percent of leases in 2007, compared to the next most effective sourcing, ‘drive-by signage,’ which garnered 21%. Only four years ago, the Internet accounted for just 24 percent of company leases. Conversely, ‘print guides’ and newspaper have gone from nearly 20 percent of total leases in 2003, to just over 4 percent in 2007.” –Kevin Thompson, Senior Director of Marketing, AvalonBay (Units Magazine)

Introducing the Online Video Tour Guide

Clubhouse Tours will bring your apartment community to life for your online leasing prospects, no matter where they are 24/7. Our video tours provide your online leasing prospects a complete, vibrant tour of your community and apartment homes, giving them a real sense of what they really want to see… a new place to call home!

Everything your leasing prospect needs to tour your community and your unique apartment home styles on the internet is provided in one package we call the HD Video Tour Guide. Click on one of the images in the menu below and you’ll quickly see what we mean…

The Online Video Tour Guide (select a tour, then click to play)

Simply put, a few minutes spent with the Tour Guide and your leasing prospect will know your community is a really nice place to live, because they just got to see it! With Clubhouse Tours it’s almost as if your own leasing professional were right there on the web to personally show your prospects around.

The Tour-Ready Community

The internet never sleeps, never takes a day off, and can provide information to lots of prospects at one time. This is where a new generation of renters is first driving to for information on a new place to call home. To compete for the attention of this important audience, it makes a lot of sense for your community to take advantage of what the internet offers.

The future is here today. The internet generation of renters are here today. And like every generation they’re looking for a great place to live. Clubhouse Tours will make sure that when they find your community on the web, they’ll see everything you have to offer. And once they see it, the lease closing process can begin right on the web!

Now is the time to move your community’s online-presence beyond the ordinary and take your online leasing prospects a step ahead of your nearby competition. Why not take that step now and get started moving in that direction right away?